Our Covering~ Bishop Prelate R. L. Bynum


Bishop and First Lady

Bishop and Elect Lady Bynum

Bishop Bynum came to love God and His word at an early age. His parents (Bishop W. J. Bynum, and Evangelist Sarah V. Bynum~founders of the PFCWWM) were his mentors in the gospel. The late Bishop Obadiah Colander was another great mentor. As a young believer at age 5, he loved to preach to his siblings. He,also, believed that being baptized was the right thing to do, so he baptized his siblings in a (sometimes muddy) puddle of water in the backyard.
His faithfulness, love for God and His people, elevated him as Deacon, Minister, Elder, District Elder, Pastor, Overseer/Bishop, Prelate Bishop.
He was educated in Suffolk Schools, and later pursued religious studies at Liberty University.
He encountered many challenges in his path to becoming a pastor. It was often said that he was too young to be a Pastor, but we all know that God calls the young, as well as the old. God does not discriminate. He misses his mentors in the gospel. He knows he must carry the torch, and finish the work that God has for him to do.
He celebrated his 17th year as Pastor of Pentecostal Followers of Christ, in 2014.
He is a longtime member of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC). He was awarded a Proclamation from the City of Newport News, VA and Hampton, VA for his tireless acts of community service. He helps feed five to ten thousand homeless people annually, working alongside (SCLC). He’s received other prestigious awards in the religious community. He is an awesome lead guitarist for SCLC band. He encourages people far, and near through solos on his guitar. He is, also, Pentecostal Followers of Christ, and Pentecostal Followers of Christ Church’s lead guitarist. He met his wife at his home church in 1980. They were both faithful in the ministry. They married eight years later, and God blessed them with two daughters, and a son Christopher (whom the Lord saw fit to take at an early age.)
Bishop Bynum is a visionary, an encourager. He is faithful, supportive, and shows love to God, His ministry, and people. He preaches and teaches God’s word according to scripture. His main goal echoes his parents/mentors goal–“That souls come to the Lord, and be saved.”